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VigRX Plus™ Ingredients - All You Need To Know.

The formula of VigRX Plus is the result of durable research and experiments. Our top aim was to reach perfection with our pills. Striving to offer you an excellent medication meeting your needs, we took some time and much effort. We never accept average results of both work and effects.

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We thoroughly follow all the progress reached in this pharmaceutical field of our enormous interest. We practice implementing the latest science discoveries and findings to give you safe and efficient treatment.

We are continually alert looking for new improvements and updates as well as more effective components. That is a unique and exclusive way to guarantee flawless quality of the products, including VigRX Plus.

Our careful clinical investigations have proven the following facts:

    absolutly harmless We have been ultimately thoughtful considering the appropriate dosing. We have fully eliminated the possibilities of the undesirable or hidden adverse reaction appearance!

    absolutly harmlessWe have included just a profound range of the most effective and reliable ingredients accessible and available on the market to meet the highest standards.

    absolutly harmlessOur researches are based on the human participants, that is something unique and definitely new for this type of industry.

    Being ready to accept the challenge and test the program for minimum 84 days, there is an incredible possibility to experience all the advantages you have a chance to read about.


EPIMEDIUM SAGITTATUM (Extract of Epimedium Leaf)

Following the results of the latest researches, that include the component Epimedium containing its active part "icarriin", we can consider it to be the perfect Viagra of the future, without any exaggeration. (Resource: J. Nat. Prod., 2008, 71 (9), pp 1513-15) Similar to Viagra, Epimedium provides us with an indispensable inhibitor known as PDE-5. This component is in charge of the smooth muscle tissue relaxation, including corpus cavernosum arterioles. As a result, we get an improved blood flow into the penile organs, thus, a bigger and stronger erection.

Thanks to these advantages, it has an incredibly suitable Asian name being "Horny Goat Weed". It's rich and colorful history tracks through centuries around the whole Asia and China. Epimedium appeared as a result of an unexpected discovery of a surprising and sudden active sexual behavior of the Chinese goats after this plant consumption.


Such a well-known male aphrodisiac as Damiana has been popular for centuries already. Even the ancient Mayans knew about this drastic and potent component. Nowadays, the modern researches that include experiments on mice ensure right conclusions about the ancient people once living in the South and Central America.

Damiana has deserved the existing rock solid reputation of an unparalleled incredible sex performance contributor based on more than only one reason. The results of the experiments on mice have revealed that the more we consume it, the more possible it is to experience its fascinating effects. (Source: International Journal of Pharmacognosy and Phytochemical Study 2009; 1(1): 1-4

One of the recent studies of Damiana proved the ingredient to be effective even for the people suffering diabetes. Erectile problems can be successfully cured in these cases only when mixed with Vitamin B6. (Resource: US Patent #5523087)


In addition to the bare talking about Ginkgo Biloba, a lot of people consider mental sharpness, clear focus and improved memory. However, a marvelous number of about 300 relevant researches in this field presuppose that this mysterious element can also stimulate a better sexual performance.

For instance, tests held by the San Francisco University located in California have resulted in a striking number of 84% boosted effectiveness in handling the consequences connected with impotence problems. Currently, we are informed that Gingko Biloba contributes affects 4 components of successful sexual arousal: (1) excitement, (2) sexual aftermath, (3) sexual desire and (4) male's orgasm. (Source: Journal of Sex and Marital Therapy; 1998, Vol 24: 139-143)

Additionally, there is evidence that Gingko Biloba influences the microvascular blood flow greatly (in other words, the blood vessels circulation, as well as smaller parts, the capillaries), which actually leads to better erections.

Besides, it is worth mentioning how advantageous it can become for the necessary and required for the muscle tissue relaxation connected with the Corpus Cavernosum. The results gained showed that we have an improved blood flow to the penile tissues being in charge of bigger and stronger erections.

PANAX GINSENG (Red Ginseng from Asia)

The findings of the studies held by the Department of Urology of the Ulsan College of Medicine University (published in 2002) revealed and proved that Korean Red Ginseng is powerful enough to influence and hasten diverse erectile dysfunction types treatment.

It is vital to mention that these conclusions came from the studies conducted on people, and not on animals, which contributes to its relevancy enormously.

Now, it is obvious that men who used this ingredient as treatment showed vivid and striking signs of erectile improvement compared with the control test group that took placebo. The results (erectile hardness quality, penetration ability and duration) were a huge shock and surprise for the researchers.

More than 60% of all the cases were reported to achieve a strong erection improvement right after Korean Red Ginseng consumption.

Ginseng has been used as an inevitable part of traditional Chinese medicine during the last millennia as a genuine aphrodisiac, widely popular for its positive influence on sex functions, erection strength and stamina.

Panax Ginseng has been frequently used in traditional Chinese medicine for hundreds of years as an aphrodisiac, known for boosting lovemaking function, strength and stamina.

FRUCTUS SERENOAE (Saw Palmetto Berry)

Berries called Palmetto are well-known as sex drive improvers. Moreover, according to the discoveries of numerous studies, it has been demonstrated that this component can contribute to struggle against the prostatic hyperplasia issue, including BPH, or prostatic hypertrophy.

This extract is powerful enough to influence the testosterone transformation process to the DHT, or dihydrotestosterone prevention.

Saw Palmetto ingredient performs in the following way. It affects the smooth male's muscle tissues and calms them down. As the result we get boosted blood circulation in the penis.

It is also important to mention that Saw Palmetto has an ability to influence human hormones in a preferable way. This extract adds to proper thyroid control as well as activities associated with sex. No wonder the cure is at the top demand list among those, who face prostate or urinary related conditions.

Saw Palmetto is also considered to be an anabolic component due to its influence on the necessary body tissue strength.

PTYCHOPETALUM OLACOIDES (Bark Extract of Muira Pauma)

The respectable name of Muira Puama is well-known in diverse parts of Europe and South America as a potent aphrodisiac that can skyrocket your libido. According to its ability to cure dysentery and erectile condition, the treatment takes an exclusively high position in the British Herbal Pharmacopoeia.

Recent clinical studies and researches have proven its advantageous effects on the lovemaking ability.

Dr. Jacques Waynberg, who works in the Institute of Sexology, Paris, as well as a range of other scientists have examined 262 men experiencing insufficient libido or erectile problems under the effect of Muira Puama.

After two weeks 51% of males facing erectile dysfunction issues reported noticeable improvements. In addition, the other 62% of patients who had libido problems reported significant positive changes.

This famous medical specialist has conducted an extra research. More than 100 men participated in the study being challenged by severe conditions associated with inadequate or poor sex functions, such as insufficient libido. They also noticed a similar positive outcome within a short period of time.

On the personal level, people consuming Muira Puama noted sex frequency improvement in 66% of cases! Moreover, more than 70% reported an overall boost of their libido.

ERYTHOROXYLUM CATUBA (Bark Extract of Catuba)

The trees of Catuaba serve as a crown jewel in Brazilian Amazon woods. They have deserved a reputation of an unparalleled improver of our sexual desire and drive.

It has been claimed that this component is potent and powerful enough to assist in improving the periodicity and frequency of sexual activities, strength of libido and stamina.

It eventually works in a rather simple way, influencing the blood vessels and stimulating an improved blood flow into all the genital areas. Additionally, it can provide an indispensable effect and work boosting sexual energy.

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